Agency and chartering

Rendering of services related to shipping under the contracts with ship owners, charterers, operators or managers, including the representation of their interests in the port and state authorities, police and law enforcement authorities. These activities also include mediation in the purchase and transfer of vessels, entering into charter parties, payment and collection of fees and other formalities.

Meeting of the ships entering and leaving the Port, rendering of various ship services:

  • We guarantee full maintenance of the ship: mooring, bunkering, dockage, supply of fresh water, supply of basic commodities, repairs, supply of spare parts, medical aid and crew change.
  • We provide services to the ship’s crew;
  • We handle customs and cargo documents, pay port dues and other fees;
  • We perform the ship owner’s and ship master’s orders;
  • We provide all the information to ship owners and ship masters about the port rules, constraints and traditions.

For agency and chartering services please apply by phone: +370 46 310163, e-mail: