JSC “Jungtine ekspedicija” started its activities in 1998. The company’s founders set a clear goal – to become one of the best and the most modern freight shipment companies in Lithuania, providing the highest quality freight shipment and forwarding services. We had a very responsible approach towards the cargoes we shipped, generated important logistical solutions, valued loyal relationships with our customers and partners. Therefore, working in a consistent and purposeful manner, we achieved the goal – now we provide the highest quality efficient services related to cargo carriage by sea and by land.


JSC “Jungtine ekspedicija”, hoping for a long-term success, developed a sustainable business strategy and attempted to implement it responsibly in a gradual manner. In order to maximize the benefit for their clients, the company achieved a breakthrough in its activities in 2004 – it began offering not only forwarding, but also ship agency and chartering services, and in 2010, JSC “Jungtine ekspedicija” became a rail freight forwarder. The wide range of services now allows door-to-door cargo delivery even for the most demanding customers.


Today JSC “Jungtine ekspedicija” is one of the highest rated companies of the Port of Klaipeda in the logistics sector. A lot of work, time and effort was needed to attain the current result. JSC “Jungtine ekspedicija” carries cargoes to all parts of the world and offers a global service chain: carriage of cargo by ships, rail, road, if required, it can carry cargo also in a multimodal and intermodal way. We also can offer brokerage services to our customers in various ports and customs offices, provide with surveyors’ services, optimize cargo carriage routes, choose shipping lines meeting the customers’ needs, generate various logistical solutions and advise on cargo carriage issues.